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  1. Lucy


    I’m not even going to waste my time on this one… Lucy was the biggest load of wank I’ve ever seen.

    I was probably irate from the start since the whole movie is based on the idea that we only use 10% of our brains… which is nonsense. I’m willing to overlook that, since it is in fact a science-fiction movie, but there were more holes in it than the bullet ridden corpses of butch and sundance.

    If you had any interest in watching it, my recommendation would be don’t. Watch Limitless instead… and if you’ve already seen Limitless, watch Limitless again.

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  2. After a lengthy conversation about music, Danielle has kindly pointed out to me that Emarosa have a new song, and as it happens a new album. I’m already loving this one; “American Deja Vu”

  3. Just came across this on Spotify. My Ex-GF and I met largely due to a shared interest in My Chemical Romance. If we’d ever had kids, I’d totally have played them this, haha.

    I also quite enjoyed their version of Creed songs, Foo Fighters, and various other indie hits. There’s loads on Spotify.

  4. Deadpool Movie, Feb 2016

    I think there’s a lot of fans out there who’ll join me in saying…

    So Fox have finally confirmed a Deadpool movie. That part was bound to happen. Since Disney is sitting around counting the money slower than the Marvel Universe can make it, all the studios are trying to replicate that success.

    The real win here, is that it looks like Tim Miller is getting the Deadpool movie he and Ryan Reynolds have been so dedicated to for so long. Having been given the green light after such a long road, I doubt they’d make anything less than the R-rated version they’ve been committed to. THAT is the Deadpool movie I want to see, and that is the movie I think the fans want to see. We have to wait about 18 months to see now, but try and stop me from being one of the first in line for that movie…

  5. It’s been ages since I’ve listened to MCR so I’m kicking it old school today and listening to May Death Never Stop You

    Unfortunately this one isn’t on it. I’ve been listening to MCR for so long it’s picked up a lot of associated memories. It’s nice to be able to listen and enjoy again.

  6. Movies

    For a tonne of different reasons, I haven’t been writing in a while. Normally I’d write every time I watched a new movie. I’m not going to do full reviews, but here’s the summary…

    Amazing Spider-man 2: I loved. It wasn’t quite as good as the first one, but it capture most of the same elements that made the first one great. They also made Electro very real. I mean, it was all a bit ridiculous, but you’re not going to make a better movie about a man with spider abilities fighting a guy made of electricity. The visuals on Electro were fantastic, and they spent a bit of time developing the character and his reason to attack people at the start.
    I also loved that they featured one of the most iconic scenes in comic history, and did it justice. The only downfall is anyone who knew the history saw it coming.

    Guardians of The Galaxy: was amazing. I didn’t get too hyped, but the more I saw trailers the more excited I was to see it. I’ve seen it twice in the cinema now. It’s our generations Star Wars. there’s a similar plot line to Avengers… bring together a band of heroes to fight a common enemy, and they all struggle to get along, but there’s just so many great actors, and it’s a great mix of funny and emotional…

    In Your Eyes: Is a little film from Bellwether, written by Joss Whedon. I didn’t know much about it, but if Whedon is writing, I’m watching (Not to mention I kinda love Zoe Kazan). It’s a quirky little rom com, and it’s kind of predictable, but I really enjoyed it.

    The Fault in Our Stars: I have to admit, I avoided when it was in the cinema. I was curious about the book, because people want on about it so much, and since watching the movie I kind of wish I had read the book. It’s surprisingly better than I expected. The trailer does it a disservice by making it out to be this typical rom-com nonsense that doesn’t really reflect real life… but there’s a lot more to it than that, and it even begins by saying ‘This isn’t the happy ending fairytale love story’ à la 500 days of summer. There’s some great supporting characters in it.

    Everything Must Go: Was a great indie movie with Will Ferrel playing a normal person again. It was a little depressing though… I think you need to be in a happy place to watch it. Don’t watch it if you’ve just lost your job, or home, or wife…

    Transcendence: Was just nonsense tbh. It was interesting to watch, but there were so many plot holes it was hard to take it seriously. It was good to see Johnny Depp in a more serious role though. It’s also an interesting commentary on True AI and where we’re going with that kind of technology.

    X-Men - Days of Future Past: Was actually better than I expected. I was worried Bryan Singer would ruin it, but he managed to carry forward some of the best bits of First Class, even if he did also carry forward some of the worst from the original trilogy. I don’t know why Halle Berry or the Ashworth twin were in it. Fassbender is fantastic as usual, Evan Peters is a fantastic introduction, Jennifer Lawrence is the best Mystique yet, and James Macavoy even manages to recover; I used to hate that guy but he’s a brilliant Xavier in this one.

    That’s probably half of what I’ve watched recently, but I’ve loads more to watch so I’ll probably try and go back to writing more :)

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  8. Belfast yer lookin well - instagram

    Belfast yer lookin well - instagram

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  10. Costume ready for secret cinemas back to the future night

    Costume ready for secret cinemas back to the future night